Leverage coaching metrics

  • 29 June 2021
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Leverage coaching metrics

When we talk to sales leaders, it’s clear that they use Gong for deal forecasting, pipeline management, and COACHING. 


Coaching is a very high ROI activity, and it’s also what most sales organizations try to be great at. If you can up-level all your people, you're going to be a more successful organization.


I do this by leveraging Gong’s Coaching Metrics panel. It’s a page you should get to know and play around in. You can start by going to the Team tab, then to the Coaching Metrics on the left-hand menu. That will give you a view of your frontline managers’ coaching activity. I use this to quickly get a sense of whether managers are fulfilling coaching expectations. 


Even if you’re not a sales director, this information can be relevant to you. When you have conversations with people across your GTM teams, talk about how to use Gong so they can get the most out of the platform. And it’s incredibly important to understand the platform if you ever have conversations around coaching! Help your people make the most of this helpful tool so they can win more often.

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