Delete Recordings where Customer Doesn't Attend

  • 29 March 2023
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Hey Gong Community!

Is there a way to easily find all calls that the customer doesn’t end up attending, so that I can delete them? Or better yet, is there a way to have them automatically deleted? I’ve found some calls where our reps are on the line for ten minutes talking to each other, and then the call ends because the customer never showed up. We don’t want to have those calls as it affects our overall call data. 

2 replies

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Hey @Will Hayes! I found this article that may be helpful:


Seems like you could create a rule to delete calls if invited external participants don’t attend. @Brandon James Do you have any other ideas or thoughts? 

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@Molly Kipnis this was perfect! I established two rules to have our calls automatically deleted. 

  1. Delete all new calls that were marked as "Left Voicemail" or "Left Live Message" in HubSpot that have less than 60 sec of dialogue
  2. Delete all new calls that were marked as "Busy," "No Answer," or "Wrong Number" in HubSpot

These deletion rules will keep our Gong data cleaner saving only calls that we connect with people on. This helps our team members have more accurate interaction stats within the Insights tab as well. Thanks!