POLL: How do you coach your team?

  • 15 September 2021
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:loudspeaker:  Coaching has a HUGE impact on win rates, ramp times for new hires, and job satisfaction across your team. Gong has built-in tools to help you coach effectively and improve in each of these areas.

:thinking:  Question for Sales managers: Which Gong approach are you currently using for coaching? Some ways we love to coach are:

  • We use @mentions in the “Comments” section on calls to praise publicly.

  • We use @mentions in the “Comments” section on calls to coach privately.

  • We ask reps to send at least one call (good or bad) for review a few days before 1:1 meetings with their manager/coach using either the “Feedback” option on their call or by tagging their manager in a comment.

  • We create folders in the Call Library for topics like skills and areas of improvement. We then add calls to them and make comments to guide users on key takeaways in those calls.

  • We use Gong filters for alerts about calls that may require coaching. That includes alerts for calls where reps talked for more than 65% of the time, had a monologue that’s longer than five minutes, or when no next steps were discussed on discovery and demo calls.

  • We regularly view the Gong Stats tab to track user KPIs.


Comment below with your favorite way to coach with Gong!

5 replies

@Ann Guy @Mike Cardno @LiavA @Chris Becker @Anja Mertl a pair of socks for your thoughts?

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@Nisha Baxi Great topic! We use tagging to highlight good and bad demo calls for training purposes. It’s part of our sales reps onboarding!

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@Anja Mertl Amazing way to incorporate it into your team’s onboarding!

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We have seen that sharing calls is a great way to coach.  If you find an example an example of what good looks like, share it with the team.  It builds confidence for newer reps, engages tenured reps because they like the recognition, and it helps other improve through learning from peers. 

Some teams will share in an open setting, like a team meeting.  One call is reviewed, and everyone shares their thoughts. Coaching does not have to fall entirely on leaders, and the collaboration within a team is inspiring.

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@Ann Guy Great callout! Peer-to-peer coaching is truly valuable.