Content Marketing- From Inspiration to Generation with Gong's Content Marketing Manager Nehal Tenany

  • 19 November 2021
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Ever wonder how the Gong Marketing Team creates such incredibly relevant, persona appealing, and actionable content? From inspiration to content generation, Content Marketing Manager, @nehal.tenanyshares her workflow on how she creates attention grabbing, easily digestible, helpful and relevant content.
00:38 - Gong Superpower
"My superpower that Gong provides me with is the ability to eavesdrop into sales calls for inspiration and content generation."
00:46 - Content Marketing’s Biggest Challenge
"One of the biggest challenges that we have is the ability to deeply understand the buyer"
00:55 - The Workflow on Finding the Right Calls to Help Build the Right Content
" Here how I find and listen to Gong calls around customer pain points and challenges"
02:29 - Once the Right Call is Found, Nehal Listens to the Call to Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Customer Challenge
"I try to fully understand the challenges of this persona"
3:11 - Once All the Informations is Gathered From These Calls, Nehal Gets to Work on Her Social Post
"I make the main headline the challenge we are solving for"
03:34 - She Adds Content to Her Post That is Actionable
"I pivot my content on how to take action on this challenge"
04:16 - Nehal’s Best Practice
" I recommend listening to 2 calls a week to uncover pain points and challenges"


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