Creating a Cohesive Training Experience with Gong's Customer Training Specialiist Mark Banuelos

  • 19 November 2021
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@Mark Banuelos Customer Training Specialist share the FOUR areas of his job in which Gong has a significant impact. This video gives you an understanding of the primary challenge all customer education teams face, how @Mark Banuelos has uniquely solved those with Gong…and how deeply embedded and critical Customer Education is to the entire post-sales journey of our prospects / customers.In Mark’s own words - I’m going to share with you an end-to-end workflow that my teammates on the training team use that makes us feel like we have a superpower”


00:09 - What is Customer Education?

00:21 - What is their biggest challenge?"One of the biggest challenges we face is how do we create a uniqued and customized learning experience for our customers that is both scaleable and efficient"

00:41 - #1 Finding the data - Mark walks through how he quickly gathers all the information he needs, specifically customer priorities"We work with many teams ranging from sales, professional services and Customer Success. Everything from emails, calls, and web conference events - have so much information at my fingertips that can help me create a cohesive, value-driven training experience for the customer""I want to look for recent conversations when priorities were discussed, and I know this typically happens in meetings. So I'll filter by those two criteria in the account. I'll go ahead and type in priorities into the search bar"

02:08 - #2 Pre-Training Sync"We take notes on any information that we can pick up that we didn't quite get from step one. This will help us take our game to the next level as it will cut down on training preparation and make sure that we do deliver a value driven training."

02:28 - #3 Training Time - Leveraging Live Note-Taker"During the training as questions arise or product feedback is given with Gong, you can always take live notes. Our pro-tip is to keep your notes short - you can go back into the call later to refine them.""This saves a lot of time not having to recap emails or internal messages to the cross-functional teams we work with trying to convey what came up during the training. Instead ,use the ability to comment on your training, so the training becomes the place where all internal teams can hear the voice of the customer"

03:15 - #4 Recap - Call Sharing"It's time for this last step to send that recap email to the customer with the recording and some follow up materials. Gong can handle all of it. I go to Share Call, I click Share with Customers and simply click get shareable link. From there, all you have to do is send out the email."


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