Curating Best in Class Calls in the Library with Gong's CS Enablement Manager Vanessa Gabor

  • 19 November 2021
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Former all-star CSM-turned CS Enablement Manager, @Vanessa Gabor  shares how she uses the Gong Library and Streams to maintain fresh and relevant bank of calls to reinforce training. Her ability to effortlessly maintain a consistent flow of updated best in class calls allows the CS team to stay skilled in real-time call scenarios.


00:09 Vanessa’s Superpower-maintaining fresh and relevant banks of calls leveraging streams
"Providing CSMs with real-time best in class calls to reinforce training"

00:14 Why It’s Important
"Real-life examples help reinforce trainings and creates a stickier approach to skill development"

00:34 A Two-Fold Approach
"First, creating a library folder and second, using streams folder"

01:14 Best Practice for Using Library & Streams
"Make sure both folders are housed in the same place for easy access"

01:52 How Does Streams Work
"Every time a call that falls under these specific filters is held, Gong will automatically push the call into the specific stream folder"

02:14 The Impact on This Workflow
"Creating hands-free and low-touch way maintaining fresh content for your team allows me to invest my time in other areas of enablement"

02:20 Best Practice for This Workflow
"Creating a library & stream folder for each training session to continually provide fresh content that is impactful for the skill development of your team"


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