Hunting For Raving Fans With Gong's Head of Customer Marketing Jane Menyo

  • 19 November 2021
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Head of Customer Marketing and :bee: keeper @jane.menyo give us a deep understanding of what is Customer Marketing and it’s similarities to sales. This video shares how @jane.menyo  uses Gong to optimize how she sources, qualifies, and determines the best timing for outreach for customer stories.

00:30 What is Customer Marketing?

"one of our core responsibilities is to create high impact customer stories"


00:49 Similarities between Customer Marketing and Sales

"We need a deep understanding of the customer to target our approach and build rapport as well as nurture customers to build a pipeline of potential raving fans"


01:19 Why Cross-Functional Collaboration Is Key

" Strong functional partnerships allow for us to strategize on the best ways to leverage those opportunities for raving fans and determine the right time to strike"


01:35 Gong Provides Customer Marketers the Superpower of Intelligence on Target Customers

" We can take detailed insights into what customers really think about Gong and then think of the best strategies on how we can engage those customers"


01:54 Finding Customers Who Fit the Right Criteria

"One of the criteria that we often have for our customer stories is that they have to have value metrics that demonstrate how Gong has been so impactful for them


02:25 Ensuring Customer Marketing Outreach is Not Disruptive

"I'll check the renewal dates to ensure I'm not potentially being disruptive"


03:04 Once Narrowed into an Account, Jane Identifies the Right Point of Contact

"Gong makes it easy for me and filters who are the top most engaged contact"


03:31 Understanding a Point of Contacts Sentiment

" I filter by calls to help understand in depth the high impact calls they are having with us"


4:16 A Best Practice: Listening to Quarterly Business Reviews

" Since strategic buyers are on this call, I can quickly listen to how they are feeling about Gong"


4:23 Use Topics to Help Uncover Most Relevant Parts to Capture in a Customer Story

" Stats is great topic as metrics are very important for a customer story"


05:18 Taking Action to Get the Conversation Started

"From here I lean on the CSM to reach out to the customer to determine if they'd be interested in being a speaker or advocate"


5:04 The Value of Gong for Customer Marketers

"This saves me lots of time and empowers me with the ability to hunt for information myself without needing to lean on other counterparts to provide insight"


05:55 A World with Gong

" Prior to Gong, customer marketers had

huge limitations to access to the voice of the customer and now we can access much more intelligence that allows us to be more impactful while saving lots of time"


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