Leveraging Gong for New Messaging: From Deployment to Proving Impact

  • 14 September 2021
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“Visibility, Adoption, and Business Impact” with VP of Product Marketing @Julien Sauvage. Much like a great music record, Julien’s playbook on new messaging is an attention grabber and cohesive.

0:16 Julien’s fun fact :)

0:32 How Julien views Product Marketing
“I like to think of product marketing as the sound system of the company, the Marshall Amp of the product. We make the product sound and look even better.”
“We’re also the microphone. We listen to the market trends.”

1:29 Leveraging Stats for visibility into new messaging adoption
Julien tells the story of how we used it when we deployed Use Case Messaging to track adoption

3:29 Using Calls Page to understand how the messaging is landing
“Now, it’s one thing to know what the adoption looks like, but it’s even better to know how customers are reacting to it, right?”

4:25 Leveraging Slide Analytics to understand how customers are reacting
“I really want to know how customers are reacting to the pitching to certain slides. Now, I can do that with my slide analytics.”
“We use that super rich data to adjust the pitch and make sure everything gets adopted...”

5:26 Piping Gong data into a 3rd Party BI tool to measure true business impact
“...and as expected, the use case messaging does increase the win rate, and I can then see the trend over time.

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4 replies

Great pro-tips here @Julien Sauvage!


Thanks Nisha. Any marketer out there? Would love to get your take on this use case, and on how you’re leveraging Gong for Mktg today!

What a timely find for me. Is there content anywhere around best practices for building trackers around messaging? And / or getting granular when you have super common words as part of your narrative?

@Brandon James @Mark Banuelos  do you have any trackers tips anywhere that you can share with @Sam Niro