Supercharging Prospecting Emails Using Gong with Alyssa Sanchez

  • 19 November 2021
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Former Rockstar SDR now CSM @Alyssa Sanchez  shares her workflow on how she gains inspiration and scales her time on crafting highly effective prospecting emails, which she attributes a large part of her success as an SDR

00:26 Alyssa’s Superpower
" Here is how I supercharge my prospecting emails using Gong"
00:31 Why it’s so important
" In my time as an SDR, I've found that having both great cold calling skills and email outreach skills is crucial to being an over-attaining SDR"
01:01 A big challenge SDR’s face
" The toughest thing about prospecting is sending the right message at the right time"
01:14 Alyssa starts her workflow in slack
" I like to see which meetings top performers have recently set"
01:54 Then accesses Gong via link in slack
" This link will allow you to go straight to where in the account the meeting was booked"
02:11 How Alyssa identifies a top performers email strategy
" Here I can really drill down to see what were these personalized touches across all different stakeholders"
03:03 Here Alyssa turns insight into action
" I leverage these emails as a framework and start to add my own personalized touch"
03:10 Generate better quality emails faster
" This gives me the ability to craft personalized persona based emails at a fraction of the time.
03:29 How Alyssa measured success
" Not only did this workflow increase my email outreach numbers but also allowed me to surpass my KPI's easily"
03:55 In closing, a well rounded prospecting approach yields optimal success
" It's best to utilize both call and email channels as we are able to meet our prospects communication preferences"


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