Gong Metrics for Comp Plans

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Hello! I’m curious to know if any fellow Gong community members have implemented Gong coaching metrics in comp plans? We’re using “Calls Listened to” for ramping MBOs- so far so good! 





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Hello Melodie! I have to say, I’ve been a CSM at Gong since our WeWork days back in 2018, and this is the first I’ve heard of something like this. Proper incentives is what moves people, and I’m a huge fan of scoping it neatly around ramping. What a brilliant idea. Can you share how it’s been received so far by the team?

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Hi Melodie, I have some segments that incorporated Gong activity into ramp plans.  In addition to calls listened, some will ask for the new hire’s feedback during one on ones.  It’s a great way to help reinforce training.    

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Hi, has anyone else had experience with building Gong in to comp plans?

Keen to hear the latest on this front, cheers!