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  • 31 March 2024
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Hi, is it possible to manage task (call, task, ecc not only AI to dos) directly in the mobile APP?

Is there some videos about this topic?




5 replies

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Hi there @Paolo Pesenti!

Here is a comprehensive guide to the Gong mobile app. In it, you’ll find articles with step-by-step instructions on using the Gong mobile app to review your pipeline, manage your forecast, listen to calls, and more. 

Additionally, here is a video from the Gong Academy that highlights all of the capabilities within the mobile app. 

I hope this helps! 😀


Hi @Molly Kipnis 


thankyou for yuor help and forgive my english :-)

What I need is to manage task in mobile APP like I did in the past wit outreach


This one, but into the mobile APP because my time is always in a car.


In this way





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Ah! I see, thank you for clarifying. Let me check on this and get back to you. Thanks for your patience!


Thankyou @Molly Kipnis !

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Hi again @Paolo Pesenti! I checked with our team on this — currently, there’s no capability to manage tasks in the mobile app.

In the meantime, I highly suggest submitting this as a feature request so our Product team can prioritize this! You can do that on the righthand side of this page.