Three Key Takeaways on Planning Your Gong Rollout

  • 30 November 2021
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Three Key Takeaways on Planning Your Gong Rollout
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It’s every program manager’s dream, right? A flawless configuration and a revenue organization that’s buzzing with excitement before launch. You’re putting in the hard work of coordinating efforts and standing up your instance. -But whether you’re a team of 5 or 500, change management is a mission critical (and often the least predictable) piece of the puzzle. So how do you ensure that your Gong users not only adopt, but reap the full benefits of the platform? Check out these three tips for planning a seamless and effective Gong rollout:


Tip 1: Create an internal communication plan (early!)

How will you inform your organization and get users excited about using Gong? You’ve just started the implementation process and go-live seems light years away, but establishing a comms plan early will give you time to gather resources and pivot if necessary. Answer these key questions:

  • What’s in it for your team? Why should they want to use Gong? Make sure you’re informed about the value Gong offers. Check out a few testimonials and the content hub for inspiration. 
  • Who can I ask for help? Leverage your Gong point of contact, internal enablement team, and even your marketing team to help map out how and when you’ll communicate with new Gong users. Ask your Executive Sponsor to record a quick video explaining what Gong means for your organization.
  • What should we communicate? Use these email templates as a launch point for developing a drip campaign.


Tip 2: Be intentional about training

Work with your Gong point of contact and internal enablement resources to develop an education plan. Gong Academy offers a variety of live training options and self-paced content to help every member of your team get started and level up over time.

If you decide to incorporate live training into your education plan (and really, why wouldn't you?!), get sessions added to your users’ calendars! Work with your CSM to bulk register your team for specific sessions. They’ll get an email notification and a calendar invite that includes the link to join.


Tip 3: Develop a long-term adoption plan

You’ve built. You’ve launched. Sit back and bask in the glory of your success (but don’t forget to monitor your team’s progress). Here’s what you should consider:

How can you promote adoption?

  • Bake adoption metrics into KPIs. How many calls should reps be listening to each week 30, 60, and 90 days after launch? How many call comments or scored conversations should managers provide each rep per month?
  • Gamify your initiatives. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? Learn more in The Sales Enablement Playbook.

How will you track Gong usage?

Gong metrics show you exactly how users leverage Gong. Take a look at The Operations Playbook to learn more.

What will you do for the members of your team who are slow to adopt Gong?

  • Create a buddy system. Pair a hesitant adopter with a power user to learn a handful of high-impact workflows.
  • Work with managers to incorporate adoption metrics into 1:1 conversations.


With careful forethought, planning, and organization you can create a groundswell around Gong and help your team unlock reality to reach their full potential!

Looking for a few more strategies and resources on planning your Gong rollout? Check out the Plan Your Gong Rollout Academy course! Then come back to the Community and share your thoughts and ideas!

4 replies

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Thanks for the tag @Nisha Baxi ! This is a great post @Andrea Cantrell - some really good advice. Particularly like the long-term adoption plan and buddy system recommendation for those slower to adopt 

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Thanks for sharing @Nisha Baxi !

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Thanks for the tag @Nisha Baxi ! This is a great post @Andrea Cantrell - some really good advice. Particularly like the long-term adoption plan and buddy system recommendation for those slower to adopt 

Thanks @Jonathan Fianu! I think the tricky part can be identifying who those slow-to-adopt folks are. What metrics are you using (or thinking about using) to gage Gong adoption?