How Gong Uses Gong: Democratize Your Skill Development

  • 31 March 2022
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How Gong Uses Gong: Democratize Your Skill Development
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On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Customer Account Executive @Ian McDonald shares how he replicates the behaviors that successful Account Executives exhibit to close large, Enterprise-level deals over $100,000. 


Watch the video here!


“In order for me to get promoted, I know that I have to be closing big deals. I use Gong to automatically surface the moments that are relevant to me in real-time and use data to pinpoint key behaviors that I know I need to replicate.”


Key Takeaways

(1:07 min): Gong allows AE’s to democratize their own skill development by giving them access to good behaviors that AE’s are exhibiting to close large deals. By automating this learning, AE’s can continue to succeed in their role while setting themselves up for future success and promotion. 

(2:22 min): This workflow allows AE’s to narrow down to a specific key moment in Gong and automatically send that snippet to their inbox for review.


How do you use Gong to level up in your career? Let us know in the comments below!


1 reply

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@Eku Malcom @Casey Albert-Hall @Moshe Alexander @Taylor Bogar @Calvin Oh @jcoolidge20 @Monique Seymour @Michael Davenport @Chantel Padgham I thought you all might find this interesting!

Curious to know if/how you’re using Gong to level up your game.