How Gong Uses Gong: Onboarding new hires across the globe, at scale

  • 15 March 2022
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How Gong Uses Gong: Onboarding new hires across the globe, at scale
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📢 Cue the air horns! 📢 


On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Sales Enablement Manager of Global Onboarding Eric Lindroos shares how he uses Gong to onboard new Gongsters in a remote environment while keeping it fun, entertaining, and organized.


Keep reading (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch the video walkthrough here) to learn how Eric ensures that every single new hire at Gong feels well supported and set up for success in their new role. 


Fun fact about Eric: He just moved to Dublin, Ireland with his puppy Bradley Benjamin! 🐶 #EnjoyTheRide


How do you use Gong for enablement and onboarding at your organization? Let us know in the comments below!


Eric’s challenge:

Helping new hires feel less isolated and siloed while onboarding remotely.


Eric’s superpower:

The ability to onboard 40 to 60 new Gong employees across multiple locations and multiple time zones in a remote environment every month.



Eric’s three onboarding calendars

  1. General onboarding calendar

    1. Give new hires exposure to the Leadership team (with live and pre-recorded sessions)

    2. Help them connect with other new hires 

    3. Encourage completion of new hire certifications

      1. Give new hires practice with pitching Gong 

      2. Track against adoption and completion of those certifications

      3. Allow their managers to give feedback and support in Gong

  2. Onboarding lite calendar

    1. Give new hires flexibility to complete onboarding on their own time

      1. 75% on-your-own and 25% live sessions

      2. Built-in “Gong Who?!” calls to help people understand who Gong was, who Gong is, and who Gong is going to be.

  3. EMEA calendar

    1. Create structure for new hires in a remote environment

      1. Includes every recorded session from the general onboarding track + an EMEA Lessonly path 

      2. Allocate time for listening to Gong calls 

Eric’s pro tip: Send a nightly recap email that contains all calls and assets from that day (and remember to include lots of emojis! 🥳💜🔥🚀)

4 replies


The calendar is VERY structured...Is it too structured? Or perfect as is? 

I know that many times we have new reps getting pulled into things they shouldn’t and maybe additional structure could prevent this from happening. 

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Hi @Chadd Keepper

From my perspective as a new hire, I love the structure Eric has put into place. I have found it has helps me maintain focus while breaking up my day.  There is not a moment I have been unsure of what I could/should be doing.  Eric also built in breaks to make sure step away and breathe.  



Hey @Ann Guy -- Totally agree! As a new hire, direction is crucial to a fast start. 

I think something that is key to making a rigid onboarding structure work is alignment with sales leadership. The leadership team needs to understand and respect this schedule. Too often they rip new hires from onboarding for a customer call or other reasons.