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  • 28 November 2022
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What does a day in the life look like for you? 

-Wake up ~5:30am

-Start work at 6:00am (I work east coast hours)

-Answer emails, prep for the day/week, organize, ect. 

-Join calls as scheduled

-Lunch break and try to take a walk or do yoga

-Afternoon work (meetings, pipeline building, ect)

-Afternoon workout


-Dinner and shows

7 replies

@Annie McCabe mine pretty much looks exactly the same minus the workout piece but I am hoping this year will change that!!! 


Tagging some of our friends here! @Katrine Reddin @Ian Gwynne @Andrea Ihara 

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(brace yourself) 

Up between 3am and 4am. Drink coffee. Lots.

Onto a Peloton - either my bike or my rower. At least an hour


Shower and walk the dogs

Read email - get my head in the game

Attend lots of meetings. Catch up on projects. Start new projects. Check in on projects. Answer email

Read slack messages


More calls, Slack, Projects, meetings.

End of day. Make list for next day.  

Dinner. Read. TV, Sleep. Ah…. sleep,

Wow @Andrea Ihara you wake up soooo early!! No wonder you are a superstar! What time do you sleep?

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I've done it as long as I can remember. It’s a great time to get things done without disruption. I go to bed early… usually 8 or 9. 

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For me, my day can vary depending on what I have going on, but for a typical day it looks something like this: 

  • Wake up around 6:15/6:30am (get dressed, sip some coffee coffee ☕)
  • Walk my dog from 7-7:45am 🐶
  • Log on to work around 8am - go through emails, slacks, other requests 💻
  • Around 8:30 I make a checklist of my “to-dos” for work that day 📖
  • The middle part differs, some days have tons of calls, other days I’m working on strategy for the deals in my pipeline 📞
  • Lunch break/quick walk around 12:30pm 🚶🏻
  • Work work work until 6pm 🤓
  • Go for another walk with my dog right after (or to the park to play catch) 🐕
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I wish I could say my day’s look the same but candidly everyday is a new day on my end!


But generally things look like this:

Wake up 6:30am on Mon/Wed/Fri and head to the rock climbing gym to work out

Tues/Thurs - Either sleep in till 7:30 or go for a run (lets be honest this is less likely in the winter - I blame it on the Canadian winters)

Log online for 8am - Work through emails and plan day 

8:30am - typically have meetings with EMEA or South Africa

Meetings meetings meetings typically until 11am or noon - Usually facilitating trainings or project planning meetings

noon - 1pm - Some days I’m working through lunch but typically try to take a break and take the doggo for a walk or get some fresh air

Afternoon - More meetings

2-3:30 - Try to keep this as block time to focus on project work (Right now I’m focused on redesigning SFDC training for all GTM roles and making this interactive through simulation tools)


4-5:30 - wrap up the day, reply to emails and build to do list for the next day.

5:30 - 6:30 - Head to the dog park 

Evening - Some days gym or going skating (in winter), dinner, shows, bed by 10:30pm

Then do it all over again or some iteration of the above 😝

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Great answers and fun reading everyone. 

  • Early riser. Usually 5:15. This morning I woke at 4am and worked on trackers for a customer!
  • Peloton (Hannah Frankson is my fav) and Peloton weights (Adrian Williams)
  • Short order cook at 7am for my kids. (My son loves chocolate chip pancakes)
  • Drive to school, and then to my office in downtown Cincinnati
  • Before 9 activities:
  •      Plan my day
  •      Use Gong Assist to catch up on yesterday
  •      (Sometimes call my mom!)
  • Try to get my creative work done early in the day before all the distractions
  • Meetings most of the day (Customers, Gong, work colleagues)
  • Evenings = family
  • Sometimes a late evening burst of energy for the night shift