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  • 2 February 2023
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Hello - I am rolling out Forecast and the team has been great.   However, I can’t seem to find any type of “how to” for my sales team outside of a pdf that walks a rep/seller exactly what they need to do to make their weekly forecast.   I have watched recorded trainings, looked for videos on youtube and I see a lot that talks at a highlevel.  What I really need is really specific stuff that I can use to show my team or share with my team that shows them this is exactly how you do your forecast.   Go into the Forecast, click your your name, click on commit, but when they get to their list of deals….I am not sure how to explain what they need do so once they get to the point in the attached screenshot.   I am guess its very easy.   A video from a Gong seller doing their own forecast would be super simple and an effective tool.   As of right now I am stalled.   Does something like this exist?   I can’t find it if so.   Thanks as always team.   Joe

3 replies

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Hey @Joe Barrow! Glad to hear you are liking Gong Forecast 😊


I’m actually currently working on an initiative (launching very soon!) that will feature some of our Forecast users sharing HOW they use Forecast at their organizations. For now, I thought I’d tag in some of our other Forecast users here in the Community so you can connect and share best practices. 

@Jeremy Park @Sean Allen @Melissa Strauss @April Shanbari @Chris Hadden @Anastasia Geisler @christinazhou @Lindsey Fine @Josh Epstein @Gilad Komorov @Chris Mullins @Denzel Montford @James Benedict @Amy Hegarty @Monte Krohn @Jonny Katz @Kelly Pinkerton @Ken Edwards @Andy Carlson @Ryan Johnson @Alex Waiman Are any of you folks willing to share how you’re using Forecast at your org/training your reps to use it on a weekly basis?


Thanks in advance!

Hi JOe, 


I am struggling with the same thing and we have a small team of AEs.. only 5 reps. There’s a couple huge blockers for me.

First is that it always defaults to a monthly update and we look at a quarter (at a minimum)

Second, I have some reps that continue to separate Best Case and Commit which ruins the aggregates. IMO “best case” should include your commit numbers as well.

Agree on a short explainer video as it’s been hard to drive consensus between how the product was designed to work and how we are using it.


Would love to hear whats working for current users.



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Hi Visioneers! If anyone else is looking for educational resources to help get your team on board with forecasting in Gong, check out these courses in the Academy:

Gong Forecast for Sellers (self-paced course)

Gong Forecast for Frontline Managers (self-paced course)

Learning to Forecast with Gong (live training)

Getting Started with Forecast (pre-recorded live training)