Doing more with less: 5/10 Meetup for Data in Gong

Doing more with less: 5/10 Meetup for Data in Gong
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 How do you know if you’re actually doing more with less? 


Register for this month’s meetup, where I will partner with the Gong team to share how you can leverage your Gong data to:


  1. Stay on top of team productivity.
    Get a real view of activity across all calls and emails for your customer-facing teams.
  2. Understand rep efficiency by visualizing revenue closed / rep against time spent with customers.
    Identify the rockstars of “doing more with less,” and replicate them
  3. Optimize allocation of reps / resources to accounts. Ensure that your highest ARR accounts are resourced properly.


We’ll look at both native Gong features, such as the Insights tab, and some interesting Tableau dashboards built from Gong data in Salesforce by the Gong Value Engineering team.


Here is an example to get excited about:


This visual, and more that we will show you, help you understand if reps are truly “doing more with less,” and the revenue re-captured if you were able to: 

  • Identify and replicate your “Doing more with less” (low effort, high results) cohort
  • Quickly understand which cohort reps require motivation (more activity), and which need coaching / enablement (more efficiency)


We look forward to seeing you at our meetup next Wednesday. 

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