Drive Insight Using Out Of The Box Gong Features Meetup - Recap

  • 16 November 2022
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Thanks to everyone that attended, contributed and played Jeopardy! during last week’s meetup. Yes, we had a lot of fun playing Jeopardy! If you missed the meetup you can access it here.


Our meetup was focused on up-leveling your insight in Gong without ever leaving Gong, using: 

  • Win/Loss 

  • Market Insights

  • Call Categories 

  • Smart Trackers (new!)

  • Deals

  • Initiatives (new feature!)

  • Deal Drivers 



  • The launch of so many Insights in addition to long standing favorites like Win/Loss, diminishes the need to export data to spreadsheets or a BI tool.
  • People, especially those that are new to Gong, are not 100% aware of all the available Insights. This was especially true for Whisper for Topics.


Call To Action:

  • Play along and listen to the call. Have fun playing Jeopardy! while learning. 
  • Register for next month’s meetup, where we plan to have a customer tell us how they are driving success using Gong.




Join us for another meetup

  • December 14th, 1PM EST

  • Topic: Up-level your Gong data insight using out of the box Gong features

  • Register




5 replies

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This was SO much fun! Thank you to everyone who joined us! 

@Alexandra @Bradley Ciné @Jim Brennan @Kara Conway Patterson @Lindsay Sullivan @Michael Coelho @Sarah Connelly @Yailin Fundora Carrasco @Gloria Juarbe @Lydia Winn Check out the recording + recap above :) 

Also tagging the folks who missed us in case you want to review the meetup: 

@Ana-Maria Frampton @Cierra Steiner @Dana Kats @Gracie @Ivanna @Ken Chew @Kathryn Mwathe @Lisa Foster @Robert.Szafarowicz @sblindquist 

Hope to see you all for our December meetup - register here! 

I cannot wait for the next meetup! Thanks for hosting! It was great to meet and connect with other Gong users. 🙌

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Really enjoyed the session and learned a lot. I brought back some of the topics with my team and we are going to be meeting our Gong CSM to go over an implementation and deployment path.


I look forward to growing together with everyone in the future. 

@Molly Kipnis will try to join the next meetup. Timing has been challenging as it’s crashes with the CET end-of-day / dinner time :/

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@Ken Chew Good feedback — thanks for sharing! In the future we will aim to be more timezone inclusive. 

If you have any questions about the recording feel free to share them here 🙂