How Gong Uses Gong: Crafting and measuring the perfect messaging

  • 27 January 2022
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On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Director of Product Marketing @victoria.chernova shares how she uses Gong to create effective messaging, measure adoption, and uncover the market’s response. 

Marketers and non-marketers alike, this one’s for you! Keep reading (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch the video walkthrough here) to get the blueprint for creating messaging that resonates and drives revenue.


Victoria’s challenge:


Hearing from customers without needing to ask for face time.


“Prior to Gong, I had to rely on a very small sample set. With Gong, I can hear from dozens of customers at twice the speed.”


Victoria’s superpower:


The ability to get closer to the customer (and therefore getting closer to the revenue)


“The best messaging is rooted in customer research. Messaging won't resonate, drive leads, or help your field teams close deals if it's not rooted in customer reality. Great messaging identifies and names a customer's pain, and what's even more powerful is if we use their own words to name that pain."


Victoria’s 4-step process for crafting new messaging

  1. Research and discovery

"I search for all calls that have happened with a customer/prospect and zoom into the discovery stage where they talk about their industry, business, pain points, what Gong could potentially solve for, and who the stakeholders and champions are.”

  1. Messaging development

“All of my positioning is rooted in real customer research from the mouth of the customer — and you can't really argue with that. You're bringing objectivity into something that historically feels very subjective.”

  1. Testing and iterating

“This was a game-changer for me. Instead of relying on reps tagging me in calls or just getting their version of the feedback, I was actually able to pinpoint the exact moment when my messaging was being used.”

  1. Roll-out and reporting

“We set end-of-quarter adoption goals and measured rep adoption of messaging week-over-week to determine if we were on track to meet our goals. I take a screenshot of the calls page to share adoption performance with leadership.”

“In Gong, I can see who is adopting messaging and who is not at the individual rep level. This allowed me to partner with frontline managers to reinforce trainings and receive feedback from the field on what’s working and what’s not.”


“One last best practice for marketers who want to use this workflow: use those search filters. Once you've identified which customer segment you want to research, use as many filters as possible to find the most relevant calls, whether that's the opportunity stage, certain keywords you want to hear, the sales segment, etc.” 


— Victoria Chernova, Director of Product Marketing at Gong

4 replies

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Tagging in a few Product Marketers that might find this one interesting!

@Victoria Burt @Peter Gillon @David Isquick How do you all use Gong to craft and measure messaging?

@David Isquick! One of my favorite marketing people of all time! #famous

The link to the video isn’t working, although I am logged in. Can you re-share that? Thanks! 

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@Amber Williams so sorry about that! The link has been updated in the post, also sharing here:


Please let me know if you’re still unable to access it!