How Gong Uses Gong: Effectively coach your SDRs at scale

  • 25 February 2022
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Get ready for one of the most comprehensive How Gong Uses Gong videos ever recorded. 🤯


On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Manager of Enterprise SDRs @Nadeen Jubran shares how she uses Gong to effectively coach her team of 10 SDRs remotely and at scale.


If you’re a new SDR leader or an aspiring one, keep reading (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch the video walkthrough here) for a crash course to become a master of coaching. 


What are your tips for coaching large teams of SDRs at scale? Let us know in the comments below!


Nadeen’s challenge:


Managing teams of 7-10 SDRs while being remote and in back-to-back meetings all day


Nadeen’s superpower:


The ability to effectively coach SDRs on their call conversations at scale


"Being successful in sales and leading sales teams is rooted in a desire to want more, constantly learning to think critically about how you can improve your process, your craft, your flow. The SDRS on my team are eager to improve, evolve, develop and learn. And because of Gong, they can. Gong is important in helping me as an SDR leader to unlock and feed this desire because I now know where to spend time coaching, and on what.”


Nadeen’s tips


  • Use the Home Page to centralize and respond to Feedback Requests
    • Share feedback in the comments of calls so you don’t have to schedule additional calls or spend time during your 1:1s reviewing what happened.
  • Set up filters for specific scenarios and filters
    • Make sure you turn on alerts 
    • Make filters accessible to SDRs, Sales partners, and Sales leaders
    • Create a filter for:
      • Every time a demo is booked
      • All calls that exceed two minutes where a demo was not booked
      • Every time an SDR marks a call as “hung up on”

"These saved alerts gives me the ability to hear real-time market response to messaging, allowing me to coach my individuals at scale."

  • Create filters to track Trackers 

    • Objections tracker

"This filter not only helps me coach individuals to navigate objections, but it also gives me an accurate, holistic, data-based picture of where my team might need extra training or support.

  • Use the Coaching Metrics tab (Coaching Inbox)

    • Gives visibility into who you’ve coached, when, and how many open feedback requests you have

    • Shows the full picture of your coaching distribution across your team so you can see who might need some extra love or attention on their calls.

“Gong helps me help my Sales reps tap into their potential by keeping me organized and giving me visibility into my team's conversations so that I can understand what is working, what isn't working on our calls, and coach at scale."



“Schedule call-listening blocks throughout the week and commit to listening and coaching within those blocks. Also, make sure your reps are reviewing their calls and tagging you for feedback on their calls.”

@Nadeen Jubran 



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This is AMAZING! @Nadeen Jubran thank you for sharing all of your secrets with us 😉

Curious to know from the folks tagged below: what are your tips for coaching large teams at scale? 

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