How Gong Uses Gong: Leveraging Scorecards to Ramp New Hires Faster

  • 4 February 2022
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On today's episode of Gong on Gong, Director of Customer Education @Stephanie Pellegrino shares how she leverages scorecards to reduce trainer ramp time by 67%! 


In 2021, Stephanie grew her team by 900% and hit incredible milestones along the way including:

  • Trained 23K users via live training

  • Amassed 16.7K academy users

  • Launched 360+ courses and content

  • Receive an 96% CSAT for all types of live training


Are you using this superpower? How do you use in-line editing? Let us know in the comments below!

(And if you’re a Gong customer, you get special access to Stephanie’s video walkthrough of her process for using scorecards to standardize trainings! Watch it here.)


Stephanie’s challenge:


In the past, ramping new hires into their training roles took as long as 90 days.


Stephanie’s superpower:


Using Scorecards to train new hires and cut ramp time by 67%


Stephanie’s workflow: 


  1. Create your scorecards

    1. “The scorecard helps ensure that every call has really solid logistics that encompass an effective and successful training"

  2. Listen to your calls

  3. Add comments as you go

    1. Help your reps take action on your feedback and share any additional context you may have.

  4. Score your trainers

  5. Ask your trainers to self-reflect

  6. Match your scorecard to the self-reflective scorecard to ensure alignment and uncover gaps in skills that trainers may not be aware of.


The Power of Scorecards

“Scorecards allow for standardization and real-time coaching to ensure that all trainers are efficiently and effectively being trained up to the same quality at a fraction of the time.”

— Stephanie Pellegrino, Director of Customer Education at Gong

6 replies

This is helpful! Just a heads up the link to Stephanie’s video walkthrough is broken. Can you send over an updated one when you get a chance? Thank you

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Hey @Josh Easby ! Thank you for catching that! Updated the link and pasting it below :)

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Good catch @Josh Easby! Thanks for updating @Mimi Dang :)  

Awesome thank you for the quick response 🙏

Hey @Mimi Dang , links are still “broken”



cc: @Molly Kipnis 

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Hey @Byron Sierra-Mattos, thank you for flagging! Here’s a link to the video mentioned in the post above.


We have a shiny new microsite for our How Gong Uses Gong videos where you can listen to all previous episodes 😎


I hope this helps!