How Gong Uses Gong: Scale Message Adoption and Help Your Teams Renew & Upsell

  • 18 February 2022
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On today’s episode of Gong on Gong, Customer Success Enablement Manager @Vanessa Gabor shares how she uses positive manager feedback in Gong to scale message adoption and enable her teams to handle renewals and upsells.


Keep reading (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch the video walkthrough here) to learn how to use advanced call filters to scale your efforts around sharing best-in-class calls!


How are you leveraging advanced call filters in Gong? Let us know in the comments below! 


Fun fact about Vanessa: she and her fiancee have been nomadic for the last year, living in different places for 2-3 months at a time!


Vanessa’s challenge:


Scaling efforts around sharing best-in-class calls 


Vanessa’s superpower:


The ability to leverage manager coaching to surface specific calls


“I'll use this when I'm looking for A-plus calls to build up our library or trying to capture trends around the best ways to handle a renewal.”


Vanessa’s workflow:


  1. Toggle to the Calls page

  2. Use additional filters and scroll down to comments

  3. Filter by comments posted by a manager on your team

  4. Use one more filter — in this case, filter “Call Title” by something like “Success Planning”

  5. Read through the comments and pick out ones with complimentary feedback

    “Instead of having to listen to the entire call, I can get taken to that specific moment in time where a manager gave great feedback to their CSM.”
  6. Review the call, add a note, and add it to your library


“I'd recommend using this workflow when you’re rolling out a new initiative to nail down the messaging or identify the best way to handle a renewal. This is also a really great workflow when you’re building out your library.”


4 replies

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@Jessica Myers @Viktorija @Ophir Sprinzak @Giulio Magni @Bill Parry @Nick Saunders @Mike Cardno @Katie Williams a cool use case you all might be interested in! 


Curious to know if/how you’re using advanced call filters in Gong. 

@Molly Kipnis we are still working on getting our managers to coach and comment on calls, so although I very much like the approach, I just don’t have the data right now to be able to find those ‘good’ calls.

This is really helpful for me, so thank you @Molly Kipnis and @Vanessa Gabor!  I’m the first CS Enablement person here at Postscript, and am currently working on building out a program for us to utilize Gong to scale best practices on calls.  Thanks for sharing this!

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@Jessica Myers @Giulio Magni I’m so glad you found this helpful! ☺️