Leveraging Gong to Create a Self Reflective Coaching Feedback Loop

  • 9 September 2021
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Leveraging Gong to Create a Self Reflective Coaching Feedback Loop
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On today’s Gong On Gong series, Manager of Customer Success Commercial, Chip Grossman walks through how he creates a scalable and hyper-effective feedback loop between reps and managers. This one is a can’t miss!


00:40 Chip shares his two part workflow that help reps realize the answer to their own questions

"The key to effective coaching is to get your reps thinking critically about how they can improve.


01:01 In this two part workflow, he walk us through the first the rep’s side
"The rep completes a self-reflective scorecard on one of their own calls and then tag their manager in the comments."


01:32 Then walks us through the manager’s side
"The coaching inbox tab is your new best friend."


01:54 Learn why the coaching inbox is an integral part of Chip’s workflow
"The biggest difficulty managers struggle with is allocating coaching distribution efficiently...this page gives manager's visibility into their coaching efforts across the team."


02:30 Now see how the rep’s use of self reflective scorecards directly ties back into the coaching inbox which quickly and easily closes the feedback loop
"Now the scorecard populates as feedback request on the right side of this call. This allows manager's to see the calls reps have requested feedback on and jump directly to the call straight from there."


02:55 Managers can track the number of scorecard completed by reps
"Go to the teams page, click on stats, then select the Gong Usage tab and finally click on scorecards."


03:27 See how Chip drives towards and measures the success of his workflow with his reps 
"Set KPI's with your team and drive mutual accountability. A recommended best practice is to get your reps to complete one self reflective scorecard per week and to tag their managers in the comments."


03:37 See how managers can drive towards and measure success of their workflows
"Best managerial KPI is to coach each of your reps on the call each week that they self reflected on"



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Thanks for the feature @Mimi Dang !

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Love this @Chip Grossman!! I was just chatting with @Gabrielle Espinosa about what CircleCI built that’s pretty similar :heart_eyes: Gabrielle, he goes into the manager side of the loop at minute 2. I wonder if it might help boost manager scores if we ask reps to tag/request feedback.