Gong Community Meetup - The New World of Gong Data

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Gong has opened up an entirely new “conversation dataset”.

Please join us next Wednesday at 1PM EST when I host a meetup focused on Gong Data, and ways to make the most of this data.  Ask questions, learn, and share about how to optimize your use of data in Gong.

If you work with Gong data at any level, we’d love for you to join us.

This meetup will be highly interactive. Please come ready to share and learn:

  • What you know about Gong datasets and access methods
  • How you have used Gong data within your team
  • Ideas on how to capture and present the data that your team cares most about

We will provide you a freebie spreadsheet based Tracker Tuning tool to help you get the most from Trackers.    

Register for the event

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Very pumped for this @Andrew O'Driscoll! Tagging some folks below that may be interested in joining. 😀

@Arielle Parnes-Katz @Craig Snyder @Jenna Higgs @Kelly Parks @Ken Blank @Maggie @Rachel Hudson @David Kandel @Emily Capleton @Ian Gwynne @Clare Teeling @Esha Chandel @Kevin Arita @Mike Cardno @Viktorija @Tammy Insley @Samantha Leckie @Marie-Louise Dalsgaard 

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Bummer - I will be away next week!

I’d love to join this but I can’t make it, will it be recorded?

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Yes @Emily Capleton  it will be recorded.