Gong users in EMEA — you're invited!

  • 16 February 2022
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Gong users in EMEA — you're invited!
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We’re hosting our first-ever virtual Gong Community meetup! 🎉


Next Wednesday, February 23rd at 2:00 PM, join @Vinit Patel to meet, chat, and learn from fellow Gong users in EMEA about topics like: 

  • How to make Gong part of your workflow
  • How much time you should be spending in Gong
  • How to most effectively leverage Deal Reviews 

Any other topics that are top of mind for you!


I hope you’ll join us for some casual networking, deep discussion, breakout sessions, and of course, fun. 🥳

RSVP here!

3 replies

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Shoutout to @Bastian Stosic for being one of the first to RSVP 🥳


@Othmane @Camille Carlile @Luke Alexandre @Ziv @Alexander Hill @Alexey Gayduk @Gal Biran @Michael Aigner @Johnny Boufarhat hope to see you all there! 

Hi All,


Sad I missed this event! 


My name is Paola Londono, and I manage Sales Enablement Operations at Mimecast. 


We are planning a virtual Gong launch event for our teams in EMEA. During this event, we will introduce the Gong platform, run through enablement, and have some stories from the field (our Pilot group) 


We have found value in having other companies in similar regions join a round table on how they use Gong. Would you be interested in joining us during this session to talk about your Gong experience? 


Topics we would like to cover: 

  • How did your sellers first react to Gong? (Maybe we can have one of the join :)) 

  • How did your customer first react to Gong?

  • How has Gong changed your business?

  • What are some best practices you recommend?

Thank you!


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@Paola Londono this is an incredible idea!

I’m excited to learn more about your launch event and how the Gong Community can help. I just sent you a DM 🙂