Three quick wins with Gong Forecast

  • 26 April 2022
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Managers, get excited! Rolling up an accurate forecast just got a whole lot easier. Check out three ways Gong helps you roll up a number you can defend:


  1. You have access to what’s really going on in your pipeline.

Your Forecast board marries CRM data with deal activity to help you decide which deals to include in your forecast (and when to put away those rose-colored glasses). Drill down into any forecast category to review the deals that make up your forecast. Take a gander at account activity in the side panel, then hop over to the Inspection tab to look for deal warnings. See a deal in commit that’s gone quiet or isn’t multi-threaded? Give it the boot!


  1. You can track trends over time.

Seems simple, really, but being able to see week-over-week trends for each forecast category is a superpower. Commits trending down late in the quarter? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and look under the hood!


  1. You’ll get a read on forecast accuracy with no heavy lifting.

How can you gauge your forecast accuracy? Well, look at your actual numbers as compared to your forecasted ones. The closer you are to your forecast, the better. Easy, right? But assessing forecast accuracy can be a pain when you’re slogging through spreadsheets. In Gong, just adjust your date filter to hone in on a specific month or quarter in the past, and voila. You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of your actuals by category, followed by your forecast.


Have your own quick wins with Gong Forecast? Tell us in the comments!

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