Tips from "Ready for Revenue Kickoff? How to launch initiatives that stick!"

  • 13 December 2023
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Tips from "Ready for Revenue Kickoff? How to launch initiatives that stick!"
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event, Ready for Revenue Kickoff? How to launch initiatives that stick!

Here are some tips to help you better understand and leverage Gong’s initiative boards and trackers to ensure initiative success. 

Use Smart Trackers and Initiative Boards to:

❗Help quantify risk

💪🏼Verify team adoption of initiatives

🔎Identify opportunities to enforce coaching, save deals, and adjust initiatives as needed


Smart trackers allow us to pull keywords/phrases from the training and reinforcement activities to measure adoption. But before you go and set up a bunch of smart trackers, consider the maturity of your sales org. If your sales org is fairly new, that means you might not have enough stored data to properly use Smart Trackers, so we suggest using basic trackers instead. We suggest having at least 1,500 recorded calls in your library for optimal accuracy when using Smart Trackers.

Here are some resources to help you better leverage Keyword Trackers, Smart Trackers, and Initiative Boards:

If you’re not already, leverage Gong’s API for data visualization -- pull tracker data into other key areas of the business KPIs (Tableau, Looker). 

Top 3 tips from Matt at Square:

  1. Watch the trends -- Use the trends to spot rep consistency and level of effort to increase adoption
  2. Train the model -- identify which conversations require more or less discovery
  3. Use Slack streams -- Feed conversations to working groups or Managers for Coaching

Keep a look out for a follow-up email with the event recording. And we hope you were able to walk away with some actionable insights you can implement when planning your 2024 RKO!

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