Try this cold email framework from Deel's Mike Gallardo!

  • 19 April 2022
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Need to refresh your cold email framework?


Sales Director at Deel @Mike Gallardo has you covered.



Thank you Mike for sharing this template! 👏


What are your cold email best practices? Share your favorite tips and hacks in the comments below!

2 replies

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If you’re tagged above, I would love to hear some of your cold outreach best practices! 

I’ve used some variation of this in the past!


Subject: Quick Question - Topic or Establish company credibility with something “XX (venture name)-backed AI Company” 




Very impressed with your background (be specific what is impressive)


I’m a [title] at [company name], [what the company does].


 I’m looking to learn from [insert persona] like you. [insert tailored content you’ve written for their persona]


 Would you be open to chatting sometime next week for 15 mins? 


All my best, 


[your name]

[calendly link]