You're invited to subscribe to my monthly newsletter!

  • 20 April 2022
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You're invited to subscribe to my monthly newsletter!
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Next week, I'm launching the first edition of The Edge, a monthly newsletter where I'll share my thoughts, tactics, and tips on how to get a competitive edge in your career and at your organization.


I've always wanted to create content that connects me to fellow GTM executives where we can share data-driven insights about sales, growth, scale, and building winning teams.


So, here it goes!


You can sign up for The Edge here:


Please let me know — what topics are you most interested to learn more about? 

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Thank you @Kelly Wright for giving the Gong Community a sneak peek of The Edge! Very excited for your first edition.

@Daniel Ku @Zach Weik @Stacee Santi @Chetan Pandya @John Dillard @Tetyana @Mafé Rabino @Tyler Clark @Vinit Patel @diwana @Ziv @Shannon Spivey @Monet Baer @Dani Larson @Ken Tsang @Skyler Reeves Making sure you all saw this so you have the chance to subscribe 🙂