How can I analyze sales calls to create a sales script?

  • 20 August 2023
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Seems like a simple question for a community and group like Gong…

I want to take all (or some) of the calls of one of my top sellers, have them analyzed and model a sales script for me and the rest of the team.

How can I do this? (with Gong and/or connected tools)

Thanks :) 

4 replies

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Great question @Keith Harrison! There are lots of folks here in the Community who may have done something like this. 

I’ll tag in a few to get the conversation rolling: 

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Thanks @Molly Kipnis  - I have to believe someone in the Gong Community knows how to do this effectively without manually picking the calls apart with trackers as I’ve been doing 😉 


Hi! Doing my own research for a similar goal… is there a way to analyze all call logs to understand what makes a successful sales script vs. unsuccessful? Any tips would be appreciated. 

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Would love to know if anyone has been able to do this via ChatGPT or a similar add on..