Managers (Coaches of Coaches) - What is your weekly process in Gong?

  • 9 November 2021
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Hi Gong Community!

Just loved:

...And keen to learn from other Managers of managers re your weekly process with Gong- 

I currently have my coaches tag me when delivering feedback to the front line so I can also add insights and guidance (private message to the coach)

I also have a weekly cadence with product marketing around moving the needle on key features across my portfolio, tracking mentions in Gong through to MOM performance. This has helped tremendously to inform new GTM initiatives / aligned talk track execution in my channels.

- How do you engage / coach your leaders to get the most out of their teams in Gong?
- What reports / metrics do you leverage / share back to your leadership pods and other stakeholders?
- Do you find a weekly / monthly cadence helpful?
- What Gong aggregate stats / trackers etc have you find particularly helpful in rollup reporting for your frontline managers?

(Note: we are excited to be getting Salesforce connected shortly!)





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Wow @Mike Cardno - great ask! I cannot wait to see the comments we get from our customers on this but thought it might also be helpful to see some playbooks our Gong Training team has created in regards to coaching. We touch on coaching priorities and cadence and a few other Coaching areas you might find interesting. All of the content in here is based on what we have seen our most successful customers do. 

Coaching Playbook -

:hand_splayed_tone4:@Preston Tiegs @Dave Howe @Marie-Claire Walsh any thoughts on the above?

I’ve heard from @Sara Perry @Lindsay Stevens that you’re doing some innovative things on this topic!

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@Mike Cardno Super impressed with what you are already doing in terms of additional coaching in Gong and leveraging specific tracker mentions to help inform you GTM strategy!!

A couple of other common strategies I have seen Director+ levels use come to mind as well:

  • Setting consistent coaching KPIs around # of calls listened to, feedback given and/or scored per week with team leads and/or front line managers. Followed by the use of coaching metrics to track MoM trends around coaching consistency.
  • Pulling up Deal Insights in quarterly leadership meetings to surface potential gaps in your sales process and uncover new coaching opportunities. You may find, for example, that win rates are much higher when reps have been multithreaded or have early access to power. Based on the key deal characteristics that the insights reveal as having the largest impact on your pipeline win rates, managers can create customized deal warnings to surface pipeline risk early and coach reps in quarter.
  • Subscribe to deal boards to help facilitate coaching at the deal/account level 
  • Leverage Deal Drivers and look for patterns across your various teams/pods/segments to see at a high level how the teams are doing on their pipeline deals and track progress over time

Would love to see this conversation continue in the comments- so many unique ways to leverage Gong data and foster new strategic initiatives! 


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thank you @Lindsay Stevens !

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@Lindsay Wolff a bit of an older thread, but some great ideas!