Surface important calls using hashtags

  • 7 July 2021
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Feeling time crunched? If you don’t have time to search Gong calls, get your reps to surface them for you! There are two ways to do this using hashtags:


  1. Live note taker: When your rep is on a live web conference call, they can go to the Gong homepage, where they’ll see a Take notes button. They can open it to access a live note pad where they can take notes and drop in hashtags. So, for example, if your rep is on a discovery call, they can add #discovery to the note taker. You can search for that hashtag later on.


  1. Call commenting: When your reps listen to recorded Gong calls after the fact, they can also drop in #discovery. Then when you enter #discovery into the search bar at the top of a Gong page, you’ll see a list of everywhere it was used. If you hear an impressive track, add it to your Call Library so other reps can hear it.


If you want this approach to succeed, decide exactly what you want tagged and choose a simple hashtag for it (e.g., #discovery, #objection, #pricing). Set some KPIs, like having your reps tag a certain number of calls in a week with a certain hashtag. Use this approach to surface important moments and build an amazing bank of content.


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