Custom Questions in Call Spotlight

  • 1 November 2023
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The AI in Call Spotlight is quite remarkable and accurate.  I find myself going in Spotlight on quite a few calls to ask a specific question and the results are insanely quick and helpful 


Is there a way to customize Gong to automatically ask a specific question to bubble up this information without having to type the same query each time?  (The AI generated questions are not the right ones for me; but I’d settle for my question to be in that list that I could just click on)

3 replies

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We love to hear product suggestions! To allow us to capture them in your own words, we put you in direct contact with our Product team via this form.
We want to ensure that no details get lost in translation but, if you have any difficulty, we can also submit on your behalf.
Thank you!

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Also, here’s a great thread I think you may find helpful as there are some examples related to your question:


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Adding on here - we are consistently improving our Call Spotlight based on the suggestions we get from customers like you. Here are our recent updates: 



If you haven’t already, I highly recommend using the form Lauren mentioned above to submit your feedback!