If you lost access to Gong tomorrow, what part of your job would immediately get harder?

  • 3 September 2022
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What’s the one part of your job that you can’t do without Gong?

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3 replies

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Before I got Gong (last month) my ability to share recordings of my calls with my team for training purposes was sloppy--Zoom emails with passwords that needed to be copied and pasted, and no ability to snip. Now I can find what I need and send sections that may actually get listened to...


Email follow-ups would be the biggest, for sure! I use Gong to review my follow up actions and keep it top of mind what the customer asked. 

Also: visibility on activities on my customers in Gainsight. It automatically adds the calls to the timeline and so I know what activities are happening with my customers.

When it’s in the timeline, I don’t forget to add my meeting notes in there. I use a template for meeting notes in Gainsight and can add that to any meeting that is automatically logged from Gong.

And finally, internal learning. I use it to talk about cases with my supervisor and share knowledge with the team, the account manager and technical colleagues. 

Loosing access to Gong would be a setback.   Lack of call review, insights, deal tracking, risks, best in class, coaching would equate to many lost opportunities to grow our business and effectively manage our team.