Data Meetup Summary

  • 24 July 2023
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Appreciate you welcoming me as a first-time host to the Gong Data Community Meet-up!

Great participation from those who host a goldmine of data in Gong and were seeking methods to leverage it to improve revenue outcomes.  To help everyone visualize this, we offered a “show and tell” of how 1 Gong customer answered the following with their data:

  1. Where is our reachable revenue?
  2. What are A-players doing that the middle is NOT?
  3. How can we reinforce A-player habits to move the middle?

If you missed it, please feel free to catch the recording here

And if you’d care to join us next time, block your calendar for August 9th at 1 pm EST!

2 replies

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Thanks for an incredible meetup this month, Pete! Great to see @Courtney Tucci @Holly Hampson @Abhishek Humney there. 


If you’d like to register for our upcoming sessions, you can do that here:

Super valuable session, thanks Pete!