Getting from data to insights quickly - Gong Data Cloud + Snowflake meetup recap

  • 8 February 2023
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@Or Farber , Senior Product Manager Analytics at Gong, presented a comprehensive and exciting vision for the Gong Data Cloud, an exciting new offering that gives customers a unified data model to utilize Gong data to its full potential and get from data to insights quickly. 

As a Gong partner that works with so many Gong customers' data, I’m excited about the data acquisition time and cost savings the Gong Data Cloud will provide. So often we all find the data acquisition and preparation time takes away from valuable data analysis time.



  • Without the Gong Data Cloud, there are various options, each their pros and cons, to extract Gong data including/: 

    • CSV (easy but manual, partial data) 

    • API (technical, partial data) 

    • Gong for Salesforce (automated, out of the box reports, partial data)

    • Export data to HubSpot (automated, partial data)

  • Gong Data Cloud is the answer!  Get a practically full Gong data set, optimized for analysis, autonomously shared to your Snowflake instance

  • Over time Gong will support additional destinations such as Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery, and Amazon S3

  • Gong will also make out of the box dashboards and reports available for the most popular BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, Looker, etc.) 




This marks the 6th installment of the Gong Data Meetup.  Please submit any suggestions, questions, challenges or  areas you’d like to cover ahead of our next meetup using this Google form


Thank you


4 replies

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@Caleb @Bill Pyles @Holly Hampson @Jamie McNicholas @Jason Crespo @Kevin Heraly @Kathryn Mwathe @Lindsay Morga @Partnerships Pete @Scott Schaulin @Susan Metz @Tina Sirianni thanks so much for joining us today! The recording from our meetup is above. 


@Alec Levandoski @Amanda Jones @Ana Silva @Andrea Ihara @Barb S @Traci Brown @Chadd Keepper @Claire Ami @Dani Cohen @Deborah D Deardorff @Erinn Coventry @Gloria Juarbe @Ivanna @Kelly Molland @Neil Saini @Peter Newcomb @Ronaldo @Samantha Taylor @Zeeshan @Zee Solmaz Feel free to catch up on the recording and read the recap here! 

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As a new user, it was helpful to hear why others are extracting data and how. Thanks for hosting! 😀

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@Holly Hampson so glad you found it helpful! Hope to see you at our next meetup :)

@Ben Brownlee great meetup from this week!