Getting The Gong Experience In Salesforce - March 8th Data In Gong Meetup Recap

  • 9 March 2023
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New to Gong for Salesforce?

Already using it and want to take it to the next level? 


Watch a recording of @Shif Arad and Dor Sened, two names synonymous with Gong for Salesforce, lead us through a very informative session on Gong for Salesforce. I know Gong and Salesforce pretty well and I walked away with a lot of new information and tips. 



  • Data Enrichment:
    How many times have you wanted to add contacts that Gong automatically captures, through its visibility to meetings and emails, to Salesforce? Wait no more! People were very excited to learn about the Salesforce data enrichment opportunities using Gong participant data and Salesforce flow.

    I liked in particular that Gong for Salesforce comes with out of the box Flows that you customize for your company. So you can update/ create Participant Contact Roles, Competitors, and enrich Contacts and Leads.

  • Push Emails (and Calls) to Salesforce
    While not technically part of Gong for Salesforce, Dor reminded us of the long-standing ability to push calls to Salesforce, and the more recent feature addition to push emails to Salesforce as Tasks.

  • New Salesforce Integration License Type
    Shif made us aware of a very recent announcement by Salesforce that allows you to dedicate a different user to each integration, which has the benefit of restricting those Salesforce users/ licenses to a unique subset of data. These new license types could be a good alternative to your current integration or named user you use to connect Gong and Salesforce.

  • Reporting
    Of course the reason many people use Gong for Salesforce is to create their own Salesforce reports and dashboards. We got a little crushed for time and Shif offered up a future session entirely dedicated to reporting on Gong for Salesforce data. Vote with your voice on this idea, or any other topic you’d like to see covered through this Google form 


Calls To Action:

  • Review the call 

  • Install Gong for Salesforce

  • Update your Gong for Salesforce version, if you are not using version 2.26

  • Try some of the presented ideas, especially Flows for data enrichment

  • Register for next month’s meetup and have a voice in what we discuss




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