Having trouble authenticating my requests using Postman

  • 4 November 2021
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Hello! I’m wondering if anyone has any experience using Postman to run HTTP requests to the Gong API. I’m trying to manually authenticate my connection and I can’t seem to generate the API token correctly for it to do a simple GET on my entire user table.

I would love if someone could point me in the right direction. I’ve followed the API documentation perfectly but I think I’m missing something with putting the authenticator token in the header of my request. 



Best answer by Rohan Vaidya 5 November 2021, 17:34

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3 replies

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Hi @Mat Rodriguez 


I use Postman all the time to demonstrate how our APIs work. Are you able to generate the API access key and access key secret here:



And then I use Basic Authentication in Postman to run each API call:


Are you able to do this?






@Rohan Vaidya Thanks for this. I kept trying to put the access & secret in the header manually. I followed your screenshot exactly and returned a result on the user table.


I’m getting ready to import a large amount of calls pretty soon and wanted to make sure I understood how to interact with the Gong API before attempting the import.

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Ok glad it worked @Mat Rodriguez! Let me know if you get any other API errors while doing your import. Cheers!