How AppsFlyer is using Gong for CS

  • 12 October 2021
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How AppsFlyer is using Gong for CS
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A few years ago at AppsFlyer, we declared ourselves customer obsessed. In order to live up to this vision, we built an amazing 270-person Client Services (CS) team that’s spread around the globe. Our day-to-day work focuses on delivering value and helping our customers achieve their desired business outcomes using AppsFlyer. 


We conduct video calls with customers on a daily basis, and we wanted to determine how we were doing on those calls. (Plus, Covid had moved all of our face-to-face interactions to video calls). Though Gong was originally designed to help sales teams, we were eager to use it to measure everything happening on our CS team, and to improve ourselves.


Our first step was recording and collecting data. We believe in the power of data, and consider ourselves (and our decisions) data-educated!


Using our dashboard tool, Looker, we visually represented the data and connected it to the metrics by which we measure our team:

  • Relationships and their strength

  • Early risk identification

Using the platform’s API, we created some useful tables:




… And a few more are still a WIP.


Being able to filter that data is incredibly important:



Right now, we’re still collecting and analyzing our data, but as a first insight, we realized that our team has trouble bringing key decision makers to executive business reviews (EBRs). 


Our solution: We set up a framework where we create a guest wish-list for the EBRs, then have our management team extend a personal invitation to attend. We’re monitoring our data to see if it works. I’ll keep you posted!


This is it for now… hopefully, we’ll have many more insights and developments to report on soon

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@Aurel Laor This is incredible! Thank you for sharing!

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@Aurel Laor - thank you for sharing! As a Gong CSM, I know a HANDFUL of my customers will find so much value in this post (everything from the CS use case with risk, and seeing an integration w/ a BI tool, like Looker, help visually showcase where to prioritize efforts!)

@Aurel Laor incredible post - thank you for sharing to the community!