Leveraging Data to Move the Middle

  • 18 July 2023
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RevOps, Sales Enablement, and Gong data lovers — join us for this month's meetup for data in Gong tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:00 pm ET!

Register here - 

We’ll “show and tell” how customers have answered the following:

  1. Where is our reachable revenue?
  2. What are A-players doing that the middle is NOT?
  3. How can we reinforce A-player habits to move the middle?

If you have a goldmine of data in Gong and are seeking proven methods to use it to scale revenue, join us for this discussion.

3 replies

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Wooo! Pete’s first meetup! This is gonna be a good one.

Tagging some folks who may find this interesting — would love to see you there! 

@Ian Gwynne @Ryan Sanderson @Evan Natwick @Quinn Ricigliano @Kristian Gary @Andy Gregor @Gwyneth Lang @Samantha Leckie @Chiara Gianola @Emma Rosen @Lori Sharp @Paul Dean @Christine Hale @nnagaty @Todd Morgan @rqureshi @Kiara Smith @Neil Sheridan @Max Caesar @Tyler Young @Craig Morrison @Rae Cheney @William @Tina Sirianni @Casandra Valdes @Mark Giddens 

You can register here: https://lu.ma/rn58ymli

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@Molly Kipnis can you share the recording for us? 😀 This was such an awesome session!!

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Recording is here! @Shayna Katz