RECAP - 5/10 Meetup for Data in Gong: Doing more with less

  • 12 May 2023
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In this month’s meetup we discussed creative ways to measure team/ rep efficiency and productivity using Gong data. We were joined by Gongsters and Gong practitioners @Sunny Huang and Corey Fineman, who Gong entrusts to uncover insight using Gong data. 


 It was a timely day to talk about “how to measure” given today’s Gong Insights announcement. Corey and Sunny showed the visually appealing result of taking calls and email activity for their customer-facing teams to answer questions like: 

  • Ensuring that your highest ARR accounts are being resourced properly.
  • Identifying the rock stars who are “doing more with less” and replicate them
  • Understanding rep efficiency by visualizing revenue closed/rep against time spent with customers

It was a great example of how you unleash a BI tool on basic Gong building block data and see tremendous insight. 


Viewer Warning! 

  • This meetup talks about advanced topics! 
  • You will see Gong data (calls and emails) shared with a data tool (Snowflake) and used by a BI tool (Tableau)


Viewer Challenge! 

  • You too can do this! 
  • Gong Insights, which is now generally available, allows you with a few clicks to push your Gong data into Snowflake (more data endpoint to follow by year end)
  • Partner with your BI / IT team to build out a few components using Gong data

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See you next month 


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FYI @Joe Barrow feel free to catch up on what you missed!


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Looking forward to it @Molly Kipnis thanks!