Resources from 'Reporting to feast on: Savory tips on how to leverage Gong data'

  • 17 November 2021
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Resources from 'Reporting to feast on: Savory tips on how to leverage Gong data'
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event! 

As promised, here are some resources to help you get more out of Gong:

  1. GONG FOR SALESFORCE: This no-cost add-on within Gong is available through our Help Center. Just follow the set-up instructions here.

    1. Connect with your Salesforce Admin or our technical support team if you have technical questions.

  1. OUT-OF-THE-BOX REPORTS: Don't know where to start? We've got you covered. See what's available out of the box here, then follow these instructions:

    1. In Salesforce, go to the Reports page, click on All Folders in the left pane, and select Gong Reports.

    2. Need a report that isn't supplied? Email your CSM.

  1. DEMO OF ‘GONG FOR SALESFORCE’ AND RECORDED WEBINAR: Watch Gong's very own Mike Larkin demo Gong for Salesforce, from installing to report generation. Check it out here. This is whats included:

    1. There’s a short demo of the Conversation custom object and its features, an overview of the Gong Sales Engineering dashboard to show how the data can be used, and a view of Salesforce Schema Builder, which shows the objects that Gong creates with the managed package.

    2. Check out “Level Up: Gong for Salesforce” training in our Gong Academy (20-minutes long). 

  1. TRACKERS: Are your strategic initiatives and sales methodology aligned with your trackers? Make sure Gong captures what your reps have to address in sales conversations so we can bring that data into Salesforce:

    1. Guidelines for building trackers (a help center article)

    2. How to customize trackers (a Gong Academy self-learning video module)

    3. How to use Gong to launch, track, and reinforce strategic initiatives (a pre-recorded customer event)

Missed the event? Catch up by watching the magic unfold on replay, in the Gong Academy or below.


If you attended the event, tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below !

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