Supercharge your Gong Data Meetup - Recap

  • 17 October 2022
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It was so great to have you at the Supercharge your Gong Data meetup. Thanks for joining and a  big high five to all of those that are new to the Gong community join us.  If you missed the meetup you can access it here.

Our top Gong Data discussions were around::

  1. When and how to take advantage of Gong data analysis features

  2. Showcase examples of analyzing Gong data in an external BI tool (Power BI)

  3. How to get started on analyzing data when you are new to Gong

What everyone was interested in the most is the data insights they can get right out of Gong right now.  We are going to make our November meetup all about how you can up-level your insight without ever leaving Gong, including: 

  • Win/Loss 

  • Drivers 

  • Market Insights

  • Initiatives (new feature!)

  • Smart Trackers (new!)

  • Call Categories 

Please submit any data related questions/ challenges/ areas you’d like to cover ahead of our next meetup using this Google form

We’d love to have 2-3 meetup attendees share their insights.  Let me know if you want to share some of your data wizardry with the group. 




Join us for another meetup

  • November 9th, 1PM EST

  • Topic: Up-level your Gong data insight using out of the box Gong features

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4 replies

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Thank you for a thorough recap as always, @Andrew O'Driscoll!

@Ana-Maria Frampton @Bethany @Alex Augustine @Brian Wallace @Cierra Steiner @Cherise Kreisberg @Erik Hasse @Gracie @Gustavo Lopez Garcia @Isabella Rocha @Joe Nicholls @Joey Davidson @Kevin Heraly @Kris Gleason @Lindsey Fine @Lisa Foster @Maggie @Matias Cardona @Ronaldo @rileybanks @Rachel Ostler @Sanya Gandhi @Shauna Nadeau @Tamera Schara @Tea Luketic @Trevor Everson @Wesley Longsworth Catch up on the recording and the recap above!

Thank you @Molly Kipnis ! Very interesting talk 


Thank you, @Molly Kipnis !


Thank you @Molly Kipnis !!