The New World of Data in Gong July Meetup Recap

The New World of Data in Gong July Meetup Recap
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Thank you so much for joining our inaugural Gong Community meetup on The New World of Data in Gong.  We had a great group of active attendees bringing great experiences, ideas, and thoughts on their favorite ice cream!

If you missed the meetup you can access it here.


Top 3 asks from business users

  1. What activities increased close rates?

  2. Can you export all of my scorecard scores?

  3. Requests to make tweaks to trackers and reports. 


Favorite Product Features of Program Managers 

  1. Interaction Stats

  2. Gong Assist

  3. Teams Tab: Specifically peer call review


A real life use case Finding That Impacted Results: 

One Program Manager used Gong to identify that the corporate sales presentation template had reps getting to value late in selling conversations. 

Solution:  “we said look the solution overview slide needs to be the second slide in your deck. And we made that change universally across the board with our team and actually updated the corporate template.. And so, and in the two weeks since we've done that the results have been better.” 


If you attended please take one minute to fill out this survey — your feedback is crucial to making these meetups valuable to you. We promise to read everything you share!


Join us for another meetup

  • August 9th, 12PM EST

  • Led by Andrew O’Driscoll 

  • RSVP here: 


Our next meetup will have theme specific breakout rooms. Open to your suggestions, and current ideas include Trackers, Gong API, Forecasting, BI Integration etc.


Thanks again, and I hope to see you at our next meetup! 



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This is amazing @Andrew O'Driscoll! Thank you for being such a wonderful leader! 

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@Andrew O'Driscoll way to kick things off with a bang! Really looking forward to your next meetup on 8/9.

@Ewing Gillaspy @Ian Gwynne @Ingo de Pina @Jared Hoffmann @Jason Chen @Pati @Roland Kelly thank you so much for joining us and for sharing your Gong data knowledge with the group!

@Andrew Pringle @Ken Blank @Paola Londono @Rachel Hudson sorry we missed you! Please feel free to watch the recording linked above. 

Hope to see you all at the next meetup! 


@Andrew O'Driscoll thank you for leading this session and providing great insights.  Personally my biggest takeaway was the importance of maintaining our trackers.  With the busyness of every work, it’s easy to just set the tracker and leave them -I’ll definitely be avoiding that pitfall.  Thanks @Nisha Baxi and @Molly Kipnis for organizing. 

Looking forward to the next session!

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@Ingo de Pina LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your takeaway — see you in August!