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  • 7 July 2023
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Seems like there are some great AI solutions out there that are able to summarize quite a bit of content. 


I really like the transcripts in Gong, but often times wish I had a summary of the transcript of the call or a highlight of important notes. 


Does Gong have something like this already or is there anything in development?

5 replies

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Hi @Tom Vamopla!

We recently released summaries for outbound prospecting calls. These will be automatically generated on all calls made with a dialer in english. Very soon, we will be releasing Call Spotlight (date TBA), where we will bring this capability to all calls! 


I hope this helps - please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


@Molly Kipnis Any updates to the date on call spotlights for all calls?? Love them on zoom calls but very eager for them on outbound dialer calls too

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@Peter Foster this will be available very soon!! Stay tuned, glad to hear you are liking it 🙂

@Molly Kipnis the call spotlight was there yesterday and it is gone today. What happened? It was amazing and having it and losing it is worse than having never had it.

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Hi there @Corey Lynch

If call spotlight does not appear for some calls, this is because Call Spotlight is currently only available for:

  • Outbound telephony (dialer) calls only
  • English calls
  • All eligible calls, even ones that happened in the past

If you’re not seeing Spotlight on your calls that meet the criteria, please let me know!