How I use Gong Deals to Have More Meaningful Pipeline Reviews

  • 19 January 2023
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We have been using the Deals dashboard to have more effective pipeline reviews with our account executives.  Recently we added specific keyword trackers under our Stalled Opportunities column mentioned by people outside of our organization in which they said “first quarter, january, next year, q1” to try and find those opportunities that tried to kick the can down the road into the new year.  

We quickly identified lapsed opportunities and looked at the activity timeline leading up to where we’re currently at.  Managers are able to jump in and assist in follow up or gently nudge reps with advice on how to progress the sale.  

1 reply

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This is AWESOME @John Machak!

Thanks for sharing the specific keyword trackers you added to track stalled opportunities — super helpful for our fellow Visioneers who are looking to re-engage prospects this quarter/fiscal year. 

Be on the lookout for a DM from me!