How I use Gong Deals to strengthen forecast accuracy

  • 18 January 2023
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The key to effectively using Gong Deals to strengthen forecast accuracy is first setting up a deal board with individual tabs for each forecast category.

From there, warnings can be leveraged to identify deals with potential red flags, particularly with best case & commit deals set to close within the month or quarter. 

Once the opportunities are identified the manager can dig into the details of the red flag and work directly with the sales rep to understand and overcome the roadblock. 

If the flag is ultimately going to impact the timing of the deal or the likelihood of it closing the forecast can be adjusted proactively rather than that deal lingering in the wrong forecast category.

The icing on the cake is any updates that need to be made to the Salesforce opportunity can happen directly from the deal board, making pipeline review conversations super efficient! 


1 reply

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Excellent tip, Scott! This is a great use case of a proactive approach to forecasting.


Thanks so much for sharing! Look out for a DM from me :)