How I use Gong Deals to track promotion positioning

  • 9 January 2023
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Our company is driving some of the industry best promotions, but it is sometimes difficult to get sellers on board with positioning these promotions. I personally run week-over-over progress meetings on mentions of the promotions that we have highlighted for the week / month. I do this by creating a very specific tracker that will pick up a couple of key words. I double check the trackers against current conversations to ensure that I am picking up the right words and to limit false positives / negatives.


To take this a step further, I have a weekly meeting with my sales reps. We will listen to a handful of calls, as a team, to help everyone with their talk track around the specific promotion. This allows the sellers, and I see a much higher adoption rate for any of these promotions!

1 reply

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@THOMAS KOLLARS thanks so much for sharing these tips! Love how you’re using trackers to help frame up the content for your week-over-week progress meetings.


Be on the lookout for a DM from me!