Logging calls in SF that not recorded in Gong (cell)

  • 10 January 2023
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If a seller logs a call in Salesforce that is not recorded, it doesn't pull over to Gong... is it possible to log a completed task in gong to get a full representation of what's happening with the account?   While I know a seller could just create fake logged calls I can manage that on my end.   Is there a way, either programmatically or more manually to get “credit” for a logged call?  

I ask b/c one of the things we track closely is activity (or lack of) so if a rep is making attempts to connect I want to see that and for them to get the “credit” for it.   

Is this possible and/or how can we do so?


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5 replies

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Hey Joe! Good question. 

I’m passing this along to our internal team for some thoughts and will get back to you ASAP. 


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@Joe Barrow you ask “is it possible to log a completed task in gong to get a full representation of what's happening with the account? ”

YES is it, and I seeing this question more recently. 

As background, kudos to Gong for adding recent out of the box enhancement's for pushing activities from Gong to CRM (Salesforce and HubSpot). 

It’s a little harder technically for Gong to control, or have visibility to, on something happening in an external system (like a task being created in Salesforce) can make its way into Gong.

The good news: 

Gong has an Engagement API that allows you to push engagement events into Gong. You need a process (code or workflow) to:

  • Decide what is worthy of pushing into Gong
  • What information to push it into Gong 
  • Set the CRM context (account, opportunity, contact) so Gong knows where to relate it 

It does require work on your end to orchestrate the Gong API call. 


I am hosting a data meetup tomorrow at 1 EST. Register for it, and we can talk it through as I am sure other people are interested. 


@Molly Kipnis

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I thought more about this post and remembered that I had testing this using HubSpot and Zapier a few months ago.  

Net net:  I used Zapier to pull data from HubSpot based on criteria and then push data to the Gong using the Engagement API.   

Here is how it looks. The data looks a little bare, as I just populated the minimal required data. The data can be more expansive and you can have link embedded that brings you back to the originating record. 





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Thanks for the info here Andrew.  I will try to connect the dots with my team and see if I can do something like this with SFDC.

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@Joe Barrow  yes it will work the same with SFDC.   Good luck.