When Did Power JOIN the Deal?

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Hi Gong Community,


Our sales enablement manager asked me if we can see when someone in power (Director, VP, C-Level) first JOINED a deal. To my understanding, there are two places we can track power in a deal:

  1. Deals → Win/Loss → Power in Deal: this displays win rate based on if the highest level of power involved in the deal at all
  2. Deals → Deal Drivers → No Power in Deal and deal closes in 30 days: this is what appears as a warning on the deal board as well

Is there a way to track the history of deals to see when power first joined?


Best answer by Shayna Katz 3 May 2023, 20:44

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Checking internally on this one for you @Will Hayes — thanks for your patience and stay tuned! 

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Hi @Will Hayes  - this is a great use case for Gong Data Cloud! You can leverage the Gong for Salesforce Managed Package, or as of this Monday, we have a direct integration with Snowflake. 

Here are some articles in the help center to get you started - 

Integrate Gong Data with Snowflake

Gong for Salesforce Data Model + Structure

For additional support, or help setting up these integrations, I’d suggest connecting directly with your CSM.